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Stunning facades - built to last a lifetime

Aluminium Cladding with an Authentic Timber Appearance
Beauty, longevity & eco-friendliness

Lynx Designs – Building Materials showcase the ideal aluminium siding alternative for those who value the genuine look of timber.

This aluminium siding and cladding provides striking, sustainable exteriors without the upkeep troubles.

LYNX - Aluminum Siding and Fences

Aluminium Siding with the beauty of wood

Lynx Designs introduces aluminium building materials as the ideal alternative for anyone who values the genuine appearance of timber exteriors on their home facade or fencing, yet wishes to benefit from the advantages of aluminium.
Striking, eco-friendly siding / cladding and fences without the need for upkeep.
Experience the charm and aesthetics of timber exteriors, paired with the sturdiness and longevity of our timber-effect aluminium facade. Our multifunctional aluminium panels are not only perfect for siding and cladding but also present an innovative and lasting fencing solution that is both: visually appealing and practical

Lynx Siding
12 ft pure beauty
LYNX Siding

Crafted considering flexibility, eco-friendliness, and straightforwardness.

The Ideal Blend of Timber Appearance and Aluminium.

Designed with flexibility, eco-friendliness, and simplicity at its core, LYNX Aluminium Cladding panels represent a contemporary and ageless method of cladding for exteriors and soffits. They not only stand out due to their low maintenance and weather resilience but also with their genuine appearance, evoking classic timber exteriors.

Our aluminium siding panels are contemporary solutions for cladding your exterior. Crafted from durable, top-grade materials, these aluminium cladding panels are compelling for both external and internal uses.

Panels crafted from aluminium cladding withstand wind, chill, and all weather elements.

Given their high recyclability, aluminium panelling is especially eco-friendly. Their light weight ensures that exteriors are only lightly burdened. They are non-combustible, weatherproof, and thrive in all climatic conditions. Even after numerous years, the appearance of a wall adorned with these panels is by no means lesser than that of a fresh timber exterior.”

Authentic appearance pairs with contemporary technology

Timber-Effect Aluminium Cladding: An Eco-Friendly, Low-Upkeep Alternative.

The melding of classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, our timber-effect aluminium exteriors not only emulate the genuine appearance and warmth of timber exteriors but also boast the undeniable benefits of an aluminium facade.

Rising trend in contemporary construction

In recent times, an increasing number of builders and architects have been gravitating towards this style of exterior cladding. Their motivation? They’re in pursuit of materials that not only capture the authentic look of timber exteriors but are also low-upkeep and eco-friendly. This is where our aluminium facades step in. The aluminium exterior with a timber look has emerged as a particularly appealing choice.

Peerless longevity

A standout trait of the timber-effect aluminium facade is its remarkable durability. Contrary to traditional timber exteriors, which might decay, splinter or fracture, aluminium facades are supremely resilient. They fend off pests and also provide fire-resistant protection, adding an extra layer of safety for structures.

Simplicity in upkeep and eco-consciousness

Whilst timber exteriors necessitate regular care, our timber-effect aluminium exteriors demand minimal attention. No need for painting or sealing – a mere wash with soap and water suffices. On the environmental front, they stand shoulder to shoulder with traditional timber exteriors. Indeed, aluminium is fully recyclable, leading to a markedly reduced environmental footprint. Moreover, the longevity of an aluminium facade diminishes the demand for replacement materials.

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Facade panels with foil finish.

LYNX Designs - Aluminium siding profile

What sets our Lynx Design products apart is their foil finish. This presents benefits over traditional powder coatings. We provide you with an architectural solution that marries aesthetics with practicality.

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