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Aluminum Click Cladding, 2 x 4”


The 4” wide variant of the Lynx panel combines the best features of its narrower and wider counterparts

Width: 4”, Length 12ft

Download Click Cladding Spec here

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Discover new versatility in façade design with the Lynx aluminum panel in the innovative 10cm (4-inch) width size. This custom-tailored dimension offers the perfect balance between sleek elegance and bold presence, ideal for building projects that seek both subtlety and character strength.

The 10cm wide variant of the Lynx panel combines the best features of its narrower and wider counterparts. It allows architects and designers to work with a medium format suitable for both fine detailing and robust designs. This flexibility enables you to create a façade that is both modern and timeless.

Like its counterparts, this Lynx aluminum panel is also characterized by its high-quality finish and durability. The proven click system ensures easy and quick installation, as well as the straightforward replacement of panels if necessary.

The Lynx aluminum panel in 10cm width is an excellent choice for those seeking a harmonious combination of design variety and functionality. Its medium width opens up new creative possibilities in façade design, making it a versatile tool in modern architecture. Elegant, robust, and sustainable – the Lynx panel in this intermediate size is the ideal solution to bring your visions to life.

Colors / Farben

Alpine Ash / Alpenesche, American Walnut / Amerikanisch Nussbaum, Anthracite / Anthrazit, RAL 7016, Royal Oak / Königseiche, Ruby Pine / Rubinkiefer, Silver Beech / Silberbuche

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