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Facade Panel, 2 x 6″


The new design offers a modern look and looks solid and light at the same time.

2x 6″/12ft

Download Click Cladding Spec here


The Lynx is the perfect façade solution for any modern building project. Lynx is the new aluminum facade cladding. Thanks to the new design, it not only looks solid, but also modern and very elegant. The click system allows easy assembly and replacement of the paneling in a few minutes. The high-quality workmanship gives you a long service life and you don’t have to worry about repairs or maintenance work.

Lynx is a modern aluminum facade cladding. This panel gives your new facade a certain lightness. It is the first time that a material can be so versatile and still retain its natural beauty. The facade is redefined and the design is convincing. Lynx is the perfect product for anyone wanting a modern and sustainable facade.

Width: 6″, length: 12ft

Colors / Farben

Alpine Ash / Alpenesche, American Walnut / Amerikanisch Nussbaum, Anthracite / Anthrazit, RAL 7016, Royal Oak / Königseiche, Ruby Pine / Rubinkiefer, Silver Beech / Silberbuche

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