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Beautiful facades - for a lifetime

Aluminum Siding with a Natural Wood Look
Aesthetics, durability & sustainability

Lynx Designs – Building Products present the perfect aluminum siding alternative for those who appreciate the natural appearance of wood.

This aluminum siding offers breathtaking, sustainable facades without the maintenance hassles.

LYNX - Aluminum Siding and Fences

Aluminum Siding with the beauty of wood

Lynx Designs presents aluminum building materials as the perfect alternative for anyone who appreciates the natural look of wooden facades on their house facade or fence, but wants to use the advantages of aluminum.

Stunning, sustainable facades and fences without maintenance.

Discover the beauty and aesthetics of wooden facades and fences combined with the robustness and durability of our wood-look aluminum facade. Our versatile aluminum panels are not only ideal for siding and cladding, but also offer an innovative and durable fencing solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Lynx Siding
12 ft pure beauty
LYNX Siding

Designed with flexibility, sustainability and simplicity in mind.

The Perfect Combination of Wood Look and Aluminum

Designed with flexibility, sustainability, and simplicity in mind, LYNX Alumium Siding panels are an innovative and timeless form of cladding for facades and soffit. They not only impress with their easy care and weather resistance but also with their natural look, reminiscent of traditional wooden facades.

Our aluminum panels are modern solutions for cladding your facade. Made of durable, high-quality materials, these aluminum siding panels are convincing for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Panels made of aluminum siding defy wind, cold, and any weather.

Due to their high recyclability, aluminum paneling is particularly environmentally friendly. Their lightweight ensures that facades are only minimally stressed. They are nonflammable, weather-resistant, and excel in all weather conditions. Even after many years, the sight of a wall clad with these panels is in no way inferior to that of a new wooden facade.

Natural look meets modern technology

Wood-Look Aluminum Siding:
A Sustainable, Low-Maintenance Alternative

The fusion of traditional aesthetics and advanced technology, our wood effect aluminum facades offer not only the natural look and warmth of wood facades, but also the undeniable advantages of an aluminum facade.

Popularity in modern construction

In recent years, more and more builders and architects have opted for this type of facade cladding. The reason for this? They are looking for materials that not only offer the natural look of wooden facades, but are also low-maintenance and sustainable. This is where our aluminum facades come into play. The aluminum façade with a wood look has turned out to be a particularly attractive option.

Unsurpassed durability

One outstanding feature of the wood-look aluminum facade is its impressive durability. Unlike traditional wooden facades, which can rot, splinter or crack, aluminum facades are extremely durable. It resists pests and also offers a fireproof protection that provides an extra level of security for buildings.

Ease of maintenance and environmental awareness

While wood facades require regular maintenance, our wood effect aluminum facades require minimal effort. No painting, no sealing – a simple cleaning with soap and water is enough. And when it comes to environmental friendliness, they are in no way inferior to traditional wooden facades. In fact, aluminum is 100% recyclable, resulting in a significantly lower environmental impact. In addition, the longevity of an aluminum façade reduces the need for replacement materials.

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Façade panels with foil coating

LYNX Designs - Aluminum siding profile

What makes our Lynx Design products stand out is their foil coating. This has advantages over conventional powder coatings. We offer you an architectural solution that combine aesthetics and functionality.

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