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Facade panel end cap, 2 x 2”


To cover the exposed end of the aluminum facade panels 2 x 2” cm, creating a finished and protected edge and a more uniform look.

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The end caps give the edge of the “LYNX 2 x 2” facade panels” a clean, finished look that can improve the overall appearance of the building.

End caps are made from the same material as the aluminum trim, ensuring they match in color and texture and provide a long service life. It can be easily installed at the ends of cladding panels, typically using a simple snap-on design.

Overall, the use of end caps helps create a professional and finished appearance to a building’s exterior while providing protection from the elements and improving the durability of the cladding panels.

Colors / Farben

Alpine Ash / Alpenesche, American Walnut / Amerikanisch Nussbaum, Anthracite / Anthrazit, RAL 7016, Royal Oak / Königseiche, Ruby Pine / Rubinkiefer, Silver Beech / Silberbuche

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